Need a new fresh look? whether in your kitchen, sunroom, or dining room, the natural beauty of rattan will make your room a delightful area. You will wonder how you ever got along without it!


Moroccan Game
New Horizon

Condo Armchair Dinette - Also Available in Sidechairs

New Millennium S/3 Special $599.00 Includes Lifetime Frame Warranty & Your Choice of Fabric
St. Barts 5 piece

Fairmount - Walnut Finish

Amarillo 5 piece
Amarillo Game

Willow Creek 5 piece

Tradewinds Dining Set in Urban Mahogany Finish
Madgascar Dining

Bali Dining Sidechair Set

Bali Game
Amarillo Dining Sidechairs S/3 $499.00 - Armchairs S/3 $549.00

Sunrise Swivel Rocking Game Dinette

Antigua Dining Arm and Side Chairs Royal Oak Finish
Antigua Game

Moroccan S/5 Dinette Reg. $1799.00 Now $1288.00 - Ultra Luxury - Ultra Comfort

Universal Table Base w/42 inch Square/Round Bevel
Universal Oblong Table & Glass 42 x 60 and 42 x 72

S/3 Scottsdale Dinettes $499.00 - LIFETIME FRAME WARRANTY - Your Choice of Fabric

Amarillo Side Dining Special $499.00 S/3 - Your Choice of Fabric on all Dining Groups
Bali Dining Armchair Set - Also Available in Sidechairs

Pelican Bay Swivel Rocker Game Dinette

New Merida
Amarillo Swivel Rocking Game Dinette

Grand Bahamas - Special Reg. $1699.99 Now $1298.00 S/5

New Millennium
Monte Carlo Dining Armchair Walnut Finish

Key West Walnut Finish

Monte Carlo Game Chair in Walnut Finish
Coco Cay Dinette - Luxury Dining Special $1288.00 S/5

Capri Dining

Pelican Harbor 3 piece
Coco Cay 7 piece

Universal Small Table & 36 inch Round Bevel Glass

Bali Arm Chair Dining - Also Available in Sidechairs

Horizon Club Dining Side and Arm Chair in Walnut Finish

Amarillo swivel tilt
7 Pc. Sunrise Swivel Tilt Set

Manilla Bay Bistro - Choose Any Style of Stool for a S/3 or S/5 Bistro Set

Capri Dining Set
Il Latini Dining Set in Walnut Finish

S/3 Breakfast Set

St. Barts 3 piece
Biscayne Dining Set

Madrid Dining Chairs

Biscayne Arm
Chino Dining Table